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We specialize in natural and protective styles for women of all shapes, size, and colors!

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It is our passion to enhance the beauty in women, so that they feel confident and resilient everyday.

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We’re always out to seek the latest trends & we have a vision for creating new styles.

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About Jamie Ellis

Our hair grows to the moon
With elevated kinks and curls and a scent like the month of June
Summertime fresh, wrapped in winters cocoon
We unravel our head wraps and watch our poof's touch the sky
Now the others watch in awe as we unleash the butterfly
Now see I noticed the dazed eyes & stares
Then I heard the mumbles saying that's totally not fair
As I maneuver through the crowd I know you're wondering if I would care
But this mane is a crown that only I can wear
You can look
But, honey, please DON'T TOUCH MY HAIR

        - Jamie Ellis, Owner/Founder

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